The Oldest Casino in the World

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A must see in my view is Casino En Ligneargent, the second largest of the small number of French casinos. It is located near Le Trouon in the northeast area of the island of Guadeloupe. In recent years the casino has had a complete reconstruction and is rebranding itself under the name « Le Casino. »

Casino en Ligne is probably one of the best preserved historic areas in France with its rich culture and heritage. Most visitors to L’Hexagon don’t even realize that it is still part of the city. The beautiful part of town is part of the Old Town/ Arcade Complex and the historic part of town is also part of the old village. Both are part of the World Heritage Site « Les Garionovres. » Some of the attractions of the old town include the famous Hotel de Crillon, the Museum of Necronomene, the Casino de Nombreux, the Pompiere de la Meilleurie, and the Chateau de Versailles.

There are many other historical sites in the vicinity of the casino en ligne including de la Meilleurie, a very impressive row of fifteen sandstone buildings and a few chapels. One of these is the Dolls House which was built in the thirteenth century for a princess. The other sites on casino in the area include a few historical buildings such as the church of Saint- Baptist and a restaurant called les ambuscade.

Casino de la Meilleurie is also near another very interesting site de casino en ligne, the town of Courmayeur. This is the main port of the region where cruises and other luxurious liners head off to reach the gambling resorts. The view from here is simply breathtaking. Many people simply take a tour of this beautiful area to see the beautiful setting sun.

The other major attraction of the old part of the city is its famous Jeux de Casino que Vous. It is an open-air bazaar that features over one hundred shops and restaurants. There are also many clubs in the vicinity including the famous Le Burger Brasserie. Some of the other important sites include the Theater National, the Theatre pour Le Jour, and the Theatre National du Midi. These all offer an excellent choice in entertainment and dining for visitors to the casino en ligne.

To get to Casino en Lignon you need to take a train that goes to Courmayeur and then takes you under the chateau to the heart of the city. From here it’s simply a walk away to the casino. Another option is the bus service that goes to the train station of Courmayeur. This gives you the best chance of reaching the game venue on time.